Friday, September 23, 2011

Tattoo or no?

So I was playing around on Pinterest this morning when I ran across a photo of someone with a knitting tattoo. And promptly freaked out. I used to want a tattoo, but I could never think of anything I love enough to have permanently inked on my body. But I love knitting! This idea is great! I still don't know if I could sit through it, but I have finally figured out something I could stand having on my body! This is stupid exciting for me today, especially since work is slow, and I'm sitting here trying to decide how it should look and where it should go. You know, just in case I decide I have the balls one day to go get it done. It'll probably have a ball of yarn, some knitting needles, and some skulls somewhere. Awesome! I know. Anyways, here is my board if you're a fan of Pinterest. If you've never used it, you should totally get on that.

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