Monday, September 19, 2011

Kitty update!

Well my friend brought me the cat Saturday morning. She's been calling him and Peanut, and HE was supposed to be a SHE, but I can definitely see some fuzzy buttons. He is 6 months old, sweet and snuggly, all black with a white patch on his chest and belly. I heart him already.

Sebastian on the other hand wants to know what the hell is going on, and why is that THING getting on MY sofa.

It started out well. When we first introduced them I was holding kitty, and Matt was holding Sebastian. I put kitty on the floor, and picked him up and made a big deal about loving on him, then we switched places and I made Matt sit on the couch with kitty cause I knew he'd had problems with that before. Everything was great! So great that Sebastian got yummy peanut buttery doggie treats for being so awesome!

Later, Sebastian fell asleep in his chair with his head hanging off it and kitty came out from behind the couch and flicked the dog in the face with his tail. Sebastian woke up and just watched him and that was it. Sadly, that didn't last. Kitty jumped on Matt's lap at one point and the dog went after him, and last night I'm not even sure how it happened, but the cat must have looked at him wrong and he went off. Matt jumped when the barking started and accidentally dumped his cake on the floor, I took after Sebastian and told him NO and BAD BOY.

I felt soooo guilty too. We put Sebastian to bed and shut the door for awhile before we went to sleep too. Here's hoping this ends up working out!!

We are trying to think of names for kitty too. Right now, Felix is the most popular.

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