Friday, September 16, 2011


For some odd reason I feel like this week has been busy and crazy and I'm exhausted because of it. The funny thing is, other than work, and 2 days of going to the gym, I don't think all that much has been going on! There were a few days this week where my brain was going nonstop and I was all, "KITTENS! BABIES! WORK! DRAMA! SQUIRREL!! Wait....where'd it go?" Maybe that's why I've felt so crazy this week. It was so bad on Wednesday that I ended up getting anxious, and to distract myself I started to read . (Why didn't I find her sooner! She's awesome!) By the end of the day I couldn't decide if I should laugh hysterically at everything, or if I was on the verge of a break down. It was pretty funny. Also on Saturday my friend is bringing me a 6 month old kitten. I can't decide if this is the most awesome thing ever, or the scariest thing ever right now. Cause here's the thing, my last cat, Chaucer, who I have mentioned before, drove my dog up a wall! Sebastian hated him. It was a month or so before Sebastian could bear the sight of him a few feet from me. Well now Chaucer lives with my parents and my mom just won't give him back. He's too happy, he's allowed outside, and he has more animals to fuck with! He's also discovered the computer, and that if he lays on the wireless keyboard he can send my parents shooting out of bed going, "What the hell is going on!?", because they left the speakers on. Loud. I heard that mom made the mistake of trying to take the keyboard away from Chaucer last week, which resulted in Chaucer chasing her and her screaming. Dad thought it was hysterical, and now mom has a big ol' kitty scratch on the back of her leg. But back to this new kitten... I will be so disappointed if Sebastian freaks out. So I've decided that I need to make this the most awesome introduction ever by making sure we have a ton of hot dogs. Last month some trainers came out to meet my dog and he ended up being the sweetest dog ever and even did tricks for them! He never does that with strangers. And it's because they had hot dogs, and smelled like hot dogs. While I was thinking about the fact that we need hot dogs to make him think that this kitten is the bestest thing ever, my brain totally side tracked and goes, "I should rub a hot dog on the kitten!" What the hell brain!? How's that going to help!? What if he thinks she smells so good he licks her till all her fur is gone!? Or worse! What if she smells so much like a hot dog he bites her!?!? Sebastian really is awesome, but after my break up last year he's gotten into this fear thing. And a territorial thing. If he doesn't know you, you probably shouldn't just randomly walk into the yard! So I found some awesome trainers that came to the house, and he immediately turned into "Awesome Puppy" because hot dogs are amazing. They kept wanting to get a rise out of him and asking, "If we do this, do you think he'll get upset?" because it's hard to train something you can't see, right? But I ended up answering pretty much every time, "Well no, because you gave him hot dogs and hot dogs trump fear and aggression." The training is going really well, but we haven't brought in a animal he doesn't know since. Wish us luck!

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