Thursday, December 17, 2009

More fudge!

So after making that last batch of fudge last week I found out that my dad and boyfriend don't like fudge because they think it is just too sweet. So I started wondering if I could alter the recipe some and make fudge they would eat. So instead of 3 cups of sugar and semi-sweet chocolate I used 2 cups of sugar and unsweetened chocolate. Annnnnnd...

It worked! It's a bit darker, still pretty rich, but really really good. A few friends of mine couldn't get enough of it tonight and that made me really happy. I'm going to take some to work and test it on them next. I put peppermint on half again cause my mom said she loved that part, but no pictures. It looks the same as before so I didn't really see a point. Yay for Christmas Fudge!

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